Jyoti Gupta Jyoti Gupta
Artist Jyoti Gupta

Jyoti Gupta resides in Bangalore, South India, and lives and breathes art. She surrounds herself with vibrant colours, eclectic crafting materials and inspirational thoughts that help her in creating her own sublime works of art. Her penchant for soulful elements reflect in every aspect of her lifestyle – right from her home decor to her paintings.

“My work is inspired by positive and inspiring human emotions and the rich traditions of our society. Wherever I am, my eyes always seek meaningful, soulful, purposeful things. It could be an act of kindness, or a strength of character, a moment of rare chivalry or deep faith or something that embodies perfect harmony” articulates Jyoti on the inspiration behind her paintings.

Jyoti started her art journey at Triveni Kala Sangam, a cultural and art education centre in Delhi, and traveled further to USA, Europe, Middle East and Singapore to hone her artistic skills. She loves to experiment with colours, techniques and mediums and her work is not limited to just a large white canvas. Jyoti has transformed office environments, yoga studios and homes through mural and canvas paintings and decoupage art furniture.

She is an Art Specialist at Pidilite Industries and an Art Consultant at Renomania, a prestigious interior designing firm. Her art has found a place of pride in several elite exhibitions across India, Dubai and Singapore, including the following:

Yugen Planet Charity Show, 2017, Oregon, USA

Jaipur Art Summit 2016

Imagination and Brush Stokes group show, Jaipur

Akanksha show at CKP (2015), Bangalore

Yashaskaram Art Show at Ambrosia Gallery, Chennai(2015)

Nature Art Walk (2016), Bangalore

In her spare time, Jyoti teaches various art forms like charcoal and pencil shading, acrylic painting and decoupage to budding artists at her home studio.

If you wish to purchase art from Jyoti Gupta or have a consignment project for her, you can contact her directly at:  jgjyotigupta@yahoo.co.in