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Art workshops for kids, Bangalore

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Creating art with 3-D textures.

A three hour workshop on 3-D textures was conducted by Jyoti Gupta at her home studio from Oct 2-3, 2017 for children in the age group of 8-12 years. This is just one of the many interesting art workshops that she conducts in a year.

This workshop unravelled fundamentals of 3-D texture painting to a talented group of children, helping them to take their creativity to a notch above. She taught them how to vary tones, and create perspectives through altering sharpness of objects closer to the eye and of those further away in the backgrounds. Children were encouraged to apply their new found knowledge into an idea that excited them and create their own masterpieces. The visuals attached to this post are the beautiful paintings that the children created at the workshop and Jyoti felt they were all totally worthy of display.

Jyoti enjoys working with little children a lot. She feels there is amazing exchange of energy amidst them and there is so much honesty in their thoughts. She feels indulging in an art form is great channel for self-expression and improving confidence of these kids. She also reinstates the therapeutic value of it.

In Jyoti’s classroom, the tone is set right at the beginning for being sensitive and appreciative of each other as an individual and as an artist.

Jyoti conducts weekly art classes at the Mantri Espana Clubhouse in Deverabisanhalli, Bangalore.

6-16 yr old children have classes every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

4-9 yr old children have art classes every Monday.

For more details on her workshops, write to her at: jgjyotigupta@yahoo.co.in

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