Jyoti Gupta Jyoti Gupta
Mural Painting by Jyoti Gupta
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"When you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path" - Buddha   Project Details: This wall mural is 11 feet high and was single-handedly conceptualised and completed by Jyoti. This painting adorns the wall...
Wall decor and paintings by Jyoti Gupta
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The flame colour of fire signifies energy, balance, warmth and enthusiasm... all qualities required in effective team players. Jyoti creatively uses this colour palette to create an invigorating backdrop to an office...
Spanish Flamenco by Artist Jyoti Gupta
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This gallery is a series of paintings done by artist Jyoti Gupta who found her inspiration in Spanish culture, their classical flamenco dance and the iconic running of the...
Sufi paintings by Jyoti Gupta
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These paintings of artist Jyoti Gupta bring alive the Whirling Dervishes of the Sufi Dynasty. This hypnotic, repetitive whirling dance form was practised in the ancient times as a form of dhikr, meaning respect to...
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In Hinduism, Ganesha or Ganapathi means "Lord of the hosts" and is one of the most well-known representations of God (Brahman). 'Ga' symbolizes Buddhi (intellect) and 'Na' symbolizes Vijnana (wisdom). Ganesha is thus considered the...
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In this beautiful painting, artist Jyoti Gupta has brought light to the Indian tradition of 'Paadasparsham', or touching the feet. The feet symbolises the strong pillars of the human body and therefore touching the...
Client: Jane Doe

He is a very hard worker. He faced some frustrating issues with our project and overcame all obstacles! Great attitude and was always quickly available on Skype for discussion. Hire Him!

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A holiday in the tea plantation is nothing short of an invigorating one. The awakening strong aromas all around to the rejuvenating green landscapes is a real escape from the hustle and bustle of...
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Chrysalis signifies the beautiful transformation of a pupa into a butterfly. Butterflies are a symbol of hope and positivity in this world. From a caterpillar that could only crawl, this transformation to a butterfly that...